Our Chickens

In addition to our layer hens, we also have broilers on the farm.  We thought it might be nice for you to see just what these guys look like.  Until recently, we have been using the industry-standard cornish rock cross.  They are not the most attractive animals and aren't perfectly suited for the exposure to the elements our farming practices dictate.  We are thrilled to be using a new variety of broiler from Freedom Rangers (www.freedomrangers.net).  These birds are designed to be outdoors, they feather out quickly, range well, and have grown remarkably.Given that we are scientists by training, we thought it best to do a side-by-side comparison of these two birds.  Please see the photos below of the cornish rock crosses (white) with the four different varieties of freedom rangers.  The CRX's are 4 days younger than the freedom rangers.  These photos were taken when they were 3 weeks old and the freedom rangers were 3.5 weeks old.

A bronze ranger, a gray ranger, and the CRX in the middle   All four varieties of freedom rangers with the white cornish rock cross  
 CRXwithBronzeandGrayRanger.jpg  CRXwithRangers.jpg
All four varieties of freedom rangers with the white cornish rock cross    Red Leghorn chicks-2 weeks old
 CRXwithRangers2.jpg  Redleghorn.jpg
 Here's a funky picture of an Aracuna!  Here's my favorite breed - the Dominique
 aracuna.jpg  dominique1.jpg
 Another Dominique  A New Hampshire Reds
 dominique2.jpg  newhampshire2.jpg
 Another New Hampshire Red  An adult Rhode Island Red Struts through the field
 newhampshire.jpg  RIR.jpg
Two Buff Orpingtons and a Barred Rock rest under cover     A Dominique Hen Poses for the camera
 barredrockandbufforpingtons.jpg  dominique.jpg
 One of our two resident roosters struts his stuff!  A Partridge Cochin
 leghornrooster.jpg  partridgecochin.jpg