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We just got word from the Animal Welfare Approved that our laying flock has passed our inspection and we are now officially “Animal Welfare Approved”.   We were the first farm in New England to have our egg layers approved. The AWA designation is a really big deal as there are very strict requirements in place to meet their standards.  I’ve copied an excerpt from their website below: 

“The Animal Welfare Approved standards are the most comprehensive and rigorous of all the animal-related accreditations available in the United States, as noted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals in a recent comparison of third-party certifiers.  Animal Welfare Approved farms allow animals to behave naturally and socialize freely. On these farms, you'll see animals breathing fresh, clean air, the way you've always thought it should be.” 

We are the FIRST farm in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine – ALL of New England - who has earned this designation!  We will be one of a growing number of farms in New England  to be Animal Welfare Approved. 

Learn more about the Animal Welfare Approved program by visiting their website at:  http://www.animalwelfareapproved.org/


Cedar Meadow Farm, LLC is a new farm located in Ledyard Connecticut.  We started out nearly a decade ago as poultry hobbyists.  2009 marks our fourth season as a farm offering direct to consumer poultry products, including chicken pullets (these are live young hens), broilers, turkeys, ducks, and fresh eggs.  We also have beef, pork, lamb, and rabbits available on a seasonal basis.  We are a small farm and supplies of our products will be limited.  Please take a moment to browse through the links at your left and read about what we are doing and why you should consider changing the way you shop for food.


We believe your food should not contain antibiotics and growth hormones, shipped hundreds of miles across the country and handled by countless individuals.  We oppose “high-throughput factory farming” and are doing our part to provide a fresh and healthy product to our patrons.


  • American Pastured Poultry Producers Association
  • American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
  • Heritage Turkey Foundation
  • Tanworth Pig Association


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